Program Overview

At Placecol we genuinely care about skin care and we reward our clients for allowing us to care for them. That’s why every time you make a purchase at a Placecol Skin Care Clinic you earn Energy Miles and receive immediate discounts on treatments taken straight off your invoice.

The more Energy Miles you have, the higher your status in the program. The higher your status, the greater the rewards you enjoy.

Joining The Program

Membership in the program is open to all Placecol clients. There are two kinds of members:

  • Benefit Members (Bronze, silver and gold status)
  • Non Benefit Members (Blue status)

Benefit Members have reached a minimum of 100 points or more. Non Benefit Members have achieved less than 100 points and enjoy the benefits that come with the Welcome Pack.

There’s a small joining fee of R49-90, but once this has been paid and a few simple questions have been answered in store, members will immediately receive benefits to the value of R235-00. This is over and above all the other benefits that they receive on an on going basis.